European Solidarity Corps

(February -July 2019)

Ianua Australis is a non-profit organization formed to further social fairness, utility and solidarity objectives. Through a strategic framework for the European cooperation, it is proposed to act in the field of education, training and intercultural dialogue with a particular focus on young people and youth leaders.
It has got a significant experience of strategic partnership and stakeholders management as it actively works on local and national level through a wide network of NGOs and governmental institutions. 
Its work is based on active participation and involvement, non-formal and informal education and cross-sectorial multidisciplinary approach.

Associazione EXPOITALY
Expoitaly is a cultural and non-profit organisation established since 1996. It has a national network based in Torre del Greco (Naples) with activites in other italian regions.
It promotes projects and initiatives on national and international fields in the areas of youth policies, gender equality, peace and culture.  
The main goal of the association is to support local developments in order to raise opportunities for youngster's growth, both personal and professional, through projects of education for active citizenship.
It is specialised in the field of the non formal education, job orientation, employment services, national civil service.

YOUTH ART (Turkey)
Youth Art Research and Training Association is an independent, democratic, non-political and youth- oriented social initiative since 2008, with a large potential of members and followers throughout Turkey, aiming youth to take active roles in the society with the idea of "for the youth with the youth", thus, voluntarily organizing social and cultural activities at local, national and international levels led by youth workers, volunteers, students, trainers, academicians and project experts who are active in art, research, training and project management. YOUTHART has Eurodesk and EVS accreditations by Turkish National Agency. YOUTHART is member of European Youth4Media Network, National Youth Parliament and Youth Organizations Forum and Anna Lindh Turkey Network. Our Main Activities: Erasmus+ Projects, European Voluntary Service, Eurodesk Youth Information, Media Activities, Youth Exchanges, Training Courses, Seminars, Informative Meetings, Project Consultancy, Art and Media Workshops, Courses on Social and Language Skills, Research Studies, Opportunities of Study Abroad and Scholarships, Contests, Camps, Festivals, Trips, Visits, Conferences, Fairs, Exhibitions, Parties, Concerts, Picnics, Healthy Nutrition and Wellness Activities, Social Fun Activities YOUTHART focuses on youth with fewer opportunities, mainly works with university students and new graduates, and focuses on social activities trying to include them into local and international activities through Erasmus+, Civil Society Dialogue, and other national and international funds.

Intercambia is a youth organization created by and for young people. Our main activities are based on intercultural learning, by using a non-formal education and youth program actions in order to encourage the youth participation in the international context, so abolishing the barriers between countries, reducing the racism and promoting the tolerance between different cultures. Our organization wants to encourage youth initiatives by young people - we support them by providing information, tools, and training to help them get their goals. Intercambia is Running this action in cooperation to Málaga Municipality Youth Dept through Europa Mas Cerca Office, to get closer European Program to the young people of Málaga.

Empowering youth!
(Brief summery of the project)

Education and culture play a significant role in the building of adolescent/youth identity and they have always been considered fundamental in the set of social-cultural relationships in which youngsters live, in relation to their own needs for personal developmentof (access to employment, the creation of a new family, etc.).
The volunteers will work with the students of the local middle and high schools taking part in storytelling laboratories and orientational activities. It will lead intercultural and intergenerational paths in order to approach positively to diversity, preconceptions, stereotypes and racism. In the short terms the volunteers will aim the students to become protagonists of behavioural patterns voted to solidarity and corresponsibility, in the medium – long ones they will establish relationships between students, teachers and families reducing the risk of school failure and will develop social cohesion and sense of responsibility.
At the same time, it’s foreseen a sinergy with the youths of the Italian National Civil Service, thanks
to the partnership with the receiving organization Expoitaly. They will work together in daily activities of development and activation of educational paths and in partnership management. It will an occasion to share good practices and knowledge linking EVS program and SCU one.